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"I Hear Numbers" is part of the Split Notes label's compilation "Next Xen". Lyrics, tuning information, and source midi files at www.TallKite.com/music/IHearNumbers.html.

Praise from the microtonal community:
  "'I Hear Numbers' is an anthem for tuning fanatics everywhere!" - Sean Archibald
  "Your piece is just astonishing! In concept and execution - great vocals - the vocals and lyrics take the show." - Chris Vaisvil
  "'I hear numbers' is great!!!" - Carlo Serafini
  "Fun tune, man, keep up the good work!" - Eric Ederer
  "Kite, I really _love love love love LOVE_ this song!" - Joe Monzo
  "Can't get enough of this awesomest recording ever... totally superb, love this. Listen to how the pitches go totally outside all the tempered boring music you usually hear, and yet it all locks and is smooth, given that it's all pure just intonation harmonies." - Aaron Wolf
  "It's terrific! What I love about it is that it has compelling cadences. The harmony works -- tension, resolution, all the stuff music does to take me on a harmonic journey." - Gary Garrett

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