midi software and microtonal music

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alt-tonal music

The facebook group, all the cool kids hang out here: www.facebook.com/groups/xenharmonic2

The old facebook group, closed now but a good archive: www.facebook.com/groups/xenharmonic

This yahoo group goes back to 1998: groups.yahoo.com/group/tuning

This one goes back to 2001: groups.yahoo.com/group/MakeMicroMusic

The xenharmonic wiki of microtonal music theory: xenharmonic.wikispaces.com

An encyclopedia of microtonal music theory and more: tonalsoft.com

All about Arabic music: www.maqamworld.com

A Chicago-area microtonal group: www.untwelve.org

Kyle Gann's web page with some good writing about just intonation: www.kylegann.com/microtonality.html

midi innovations

Software that translates the polyphonic audio signal from an electric guitar into midi: www.jamorigin.com/midi-guitar

Vertical keyboards with microtonal options: www.verticalkeyboards.com

Roger Linn's LinnStrument, a 3-D keyboard: www.RogerLinnDesign.com/preview-linnstrument.html

...and his links page is a goldmine of new instruments: www.RogerLinnDesign.com/new-musical-instruments.html

The Roli seaboard is an innovative midi controller www.weareroli.com

The makers of Pat Metheney's Orchestrion, a guitar-driven, midi-controlled orchestra: lemurbots.org

Geoff Smith's fluid piano: article in the guardian and youtube video. I would love to retune this piano with alt-tuner!

The Magnetic Resonator Piano, a sort of e-bow for the piano www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/~andrewm/mrp.html

"Touch keys", an add-on to midi keyboards that senses your fingers' position on each key (X & Y) kickstarter project page

The "evo", a midi keyboard that senses your fingers' position on each key (Y only): www.endeavour.de/evo/overview.html

The "note", a midi keyboard that senses each key's depth of travel ("polyphonic aftertouch 2.0"): www.endeavour.de/note/overview.html

Hyperkeys, a midi keyboard that lets you slide the keys back and forth: www.hyperkeys.com

A fun little app that lets you play just intonation music with your computer's keyboard: tommudd.co.uk/justintonation