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Two Keyboards with Alt Tuner
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:53:00 AM »
I want to use one keyboard to play the alt tuner scales and another keyboard to play the alt-keyswitches to appy different switches,shift,modulate.....
I am doing it wrong and i would like to know what must i correct?
My setup:
*-Korg 01 Wpro
Local Control Off
Midi Channel 01
*-M Audio Ozonic
Global channel 01
Channel Asign 00 (if is 00 transmit the dates through the Global channel 01)
Zone Chan 00 (if is 00 transmit the dates through the Global channel 01)
Inserted first alt-keyswitches second alt tuner
Arm record button (red) on & Monitor in (green) on
Input: Midi - External All Channels          (External is my Korg and Keyboard is my ozonic)
I/O  Midi Hardware output  - External  Send to original channels
*-alt Keyswitches
midi in channel (0 = all channels)    0.0
note/CC filtering mode   pass through all other notes & CCs (for one-keyboard setups)
midi out channel (0 = all channels)    0.0
keyboard´s bottom note  21.0
keyboard´s top note  108.0
In the CC #s tap
22  HZ   the box empty
23  LZ the box empty
24  OT  C4     if i play the C4 note of my Korg the keyswithes C4 become green but of my C4 ozonic nothing happens
In Alt tuner  in prefs   CCs   update CC #s? i press OK
low tapzone : 23 mod-tab     high tapzone : 22    tap up
24   switch tab yellow (selected)
Prefs    switch tab selected
switch mode 1   
midi       from        from    from   from
CC#       1 to         2 to     3 to    4 to
24           1             1         1        1

*-Alt tuner
I have 4 different presets
If i am in the 3 preset window and i press C4 of my Korg it jumps to the 1 preset but i want to do this with the C4 of my ozonic and play the C4 of my Korg to sound a C note normal,not CC
What must i correct?

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Re: Two Keyboards with Alt Tuner
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 03:14:27 PM »
See the manual, chapter 6.5, first page, 2nd and 3rd example. There are two ways to set this up.
The first way, corresponds to the 2nd example: Set your Korg and your Ozonic to transmit on different midi channels. For example, set one to 1 and the other to 2. Then set the Reaper track input to "all midi inputs, all channels". Then set alt-keyswitcher midi in channel to the Ozonic's channel. You probably want to turn filtering on. Set the midi out channel to 0 = original. Make sure alt-tuner's midi in channel is set to 0 = all (the default).
The second way, corresponding to the 3rd example. It takes more work, so only do this if you can't change the midi channel for either keyboard. Make a 2nd Reaper track. Set the track's input to the Ozonic. Put alt-keyswitcher on this track and remove it from the other track. Set midi in to 0 = all, set filtering on and set midi out to 0 = original. Open the I/O box for the 2nd track. Create a send to the first track. Leave MIDI set to "All => All".
If you have problems, use the ReaControlMIDI effect. You can put it anywhere on the signal chain, or even several places at once. It is like a stethoscope or a volt-meter. Click Show Log and it will show you every midi message.
OS: OSX 10.5.4, OS X 10.9.5, Windows 7
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Re: Two Keyboards with Alt Tuner
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 04:42:39 PM »
Hi Kite
Thanks to your fast and helpful answer
I have tested your first suggestion and it works
I have the korg with midi channel 1 and local control off and with a piano sound
The ozonic´s global channel in 2
In reaper Arm record on,monitor in,Input Midi-All midi inputs All Channels
I/0   Midi hardware output  External (Korg) Send to original channels
In Alt Keyswitches   Midi In channel  (0 = All Cannels) in 2.0 (Ozonic)
Filter Out all other notes & CCs
Midi Out Channel (0 = Original Cannel)  in 0.0
CC #s     24 OT  C4
Now when i play note C4 in the Ozonic is reflected it in the Keyswitches´s keyboard in green color and when i play the Korg´s C4 it does not reflected
In Alt Tuner Prefs    CCs     Update CC #s?  Ok
24   Cycle and when i press Ozonic´s C4 the cycle works perfect
The only problem is that when i play the Ozonic´s C4 and all the rest notes sounds the piano of my Korg but without apply the tuning of Alt-tuner
Is possible to make that Ozonic don,t transmit any sound when i play their notes?
If i low the volume fader of my ozonic also low the korg volume and viceversa,they are linked because the soundcard is inside ozonic
If i play the Korg their notes sound with the Alt Tuner tuning,is Ok
Thanks to your powerful help :)
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Re: Two Keyboards with Alt Tuner
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2013, 08:30:50 PM »
Hi Kite
I have solved the problem,now works perfect
The conflict was that in the Ozonic i had On the Midi Out.I have disabled it and now when i press a key C4 for example in the ozonic it transmits the keyswith but without sound
Thanks :)