Author Topic: How to make your own scale in Alt Tuner  (Read 2168 times)


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How to make your own scale in Alt Tuner
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:54:24 PM »
I have inserted Alt Tuner in a ReaperĀ“s track and i am trying to make a scale but i am lost,i do not how ?
I thought was easiest
By default appears a scale of six notes and i don,t know how to set to seven notes :
C     1/1     0,1200   (Middle C)
E     5/4     386.3     (Yellow rung tempering)
F#   11/8   551.3     (jade rung tempering)
G     3/2     702       (white rung tempering)
Ab   13/8    840.5    (emerald rung tempering)
Bb   7/4     968.8     (blue rung tempering)
Where is the D?
Why is the scale in this altered order in the Alt tuner graphic?
G     3/2     702
E     5/4     386.3
Bb   7/4     968.8
F#   11/8   551.3
Ab   13/8    840.5

I want to create this scale,how must i do in alt tuner to play it and to save it as preset?
C        1/1   
D       10/9
E         5/4
F         4/3
G        3/2
A         5/3
B        15/8
C         2/1


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Re: How to make your own scale in Alt Tuner
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2013, 01:12:31 AM »
When you first load alt-tuner, you should see this:

The 6 sliders at the top are not notes but rungs, or more accurately rung types, that define the lattice. The sliders temper the rungs. The rungs add up to create the notes. For your scale, leave the sliders in the center. The notes themselves appear below these 6 sliders in the lattice. You should see all 12 notes: 4 white ones, 3 yellow ones, 3 blue ones and 2 bluish ones. More importantly, you should hear all 12 notes. The scale you mention should be there, except D will be 9/8, not 10/9. Click on the small gray D in the yellow row to get 10/9.

To save a preset, click on the "+" sign in the upper right.
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Re: How to make your own scale in Alt Tuner
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2013, 03:13:06 AM »
Kite thank you
Yes,yesterday night i discovered how to change,choose the notes that you want appear in the lattice
One way is,as you say,in the lattice simply active the small grays and the other way,that i discovered firt is in the tapnotes tab
Kite is an amazing plugin but i will need time to understand it because for me read the manual and understand it is complicated due the english language
I am very happy with Alt Tuner
Thanks for create this helpful tool to compose with alternative tunings :)